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Paul Zamarian - Attorney and Mediator


Mediate to reach agreement

I have been an attorney and mediator since 1993

My mediations have included divorce, real property, landlord tenant, internal corporate disputes and small claims. My experience includes legal investigation for attorneys, stress management consulting, patent examiner at the U.S. Patent Office, attorney in personal injury, collection cases and commercial driver vehicle code defense. I am currently on the mediation panel for Recourse for the Small Claims Court in Sonoma County and have also participated in the Sonoma County Family Law mediation program as a Judge Pro Tem for early resolutions.


As a trained engineer, I am comfortable with technical issues at all levels of complexity such as disputes in intellectual property, products liability and construction cases. My broad and varied experiences along with my training provides parties with skills and a seasoned perspective to assist them in resolving differences. Getting under disputants’ feelings is a key to getting them on a path toward resolution. The result is often an agreement that is fair, workable and cost saving. My mediation facilities located in Santa Rosa allow me to conduct sessions among multiple parties, if necessary. I am also available for mediation using video conferencing.


As a mediator, I attempt to bring parties into agreement concerning their disputed issues as compared to arbitration, where an arbitrator makes a decision on the disputed matter, like a judge. Mediation should be the first choice of disputant parties in all matters to contain costs even if they have retained attorneys. Mediation is especially effective with parties who desire a future relationship with the other disputant(s) such as couples with young children, contractors with long-term suppliers or clients, neighbors, businesses with employee concerns, executives and supervisors in corporations and members of partnerships.


Mediation should be the first choice of disputant parties in all matters to contain costs even if they have retained attorneys

Commercial Traffic Defense

Issues include legal defense of commercial and non-commercial vehicle code violations for both infractions and misdemeanors

Small Claims Appeals

When you appeal a small claims judgment, you ask the superior court to change the small claims court judge’s decision