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About Paul Zamarian | Santa Rosa Mediator and Attorney

Mediation bridges the gap between parties in a legal disputes.


About Paul Zamarian – Santa Rosa Attorney and Mediator 

Paul Zamarian | Santa Rosa Mediator and AttorneyWhile attending law school at night in Washington, DC, I did investigations for several attorneys that ranged from dealing with federal crimes and personal injury. I also co-authored an article on using scientific evidence in personal injury cases for The New York Trial Lawyers Journal. At the time, my attorney co-author and I provided a service to attorneys for scientific evidence in personal injury cases.

As a Ceramic Engineer, I was a Patent Examiner for the US Patent Office in charge of all patents in the fiberglass field including methods, apparatuses and products.

As a stress management consultant I taught for seven years as an Adjunct Instructor at the College of the Siskiyou for a popular stress management course. Students included nurses and teachers for CEU credit.

My stress management clientele included many physician referrals including people suffering from severe distress that caused migraines and other symptoms. I also taught worships for companies and government agencies such as Edward Jones, ASK as well as women firefighters in California and nationally.

As an attorney in San Francisco I worked for Lewis, Rouda & Winchell in its personal injury practice. Since leaving that firm I have handled several personal injury cases on my own. I have also represented parties in real estate, construction, collections and contractual matters.

Currently as an attorney and for more than 20 years, I have defended commercial drivers and trucking companies for vehicle code violations such as speeding, lane, logbook and permit violations in courts throughout Northern California. For individual commercial drivers I have represented them in DMV hearings to avoid suspensions. I have also represented drivers in medical cases before the DMV involving conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy and sleep apnea.

As a former member of the Safety Committee for the California Trucking Association, I led the effort that resulted in the passage of a bill to allow commercial drivers to do traffic school in California.

Also as an attorney, I have successfully represented parties in small claims appeal cases.

Some mediations involve multiple parties

Some mediations involve multiple parties

As a mediator, I attempt to bring parties into agreement concerning their disputed issues as compared to arbitration, where an arbitrator makes a decision on the disputed matter. Mediation should be the first choice of disputant parties in all matters to contain costs even if they have retained attorneys. In exceptional situations, mediation is especially effective with parties who desire a future relationship with the other disputant(s).

Volunteer Activities: I am currently President of The Great Seal Foundation to complete the Official Great Seal in the State Dept. and a docent in training for the Bodega Marine Laboratory. I have been a board member of Schools Plus for several years which supports sports and the arts in the middle and high schools of Santa Rosa.


Mediation should be the first choice of disputant parties in all matters to contain costs even if they have retained attorneys

Commercial Traffic Defense

Issues include legal defense of commercial and non-commercial vehicle code violations for both infractions and misdemeanors

Small Claims Appeals

When you appeal a small claims judgment, you ask the superior court to change the small claims court judge’s decision